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When you’re searching for occult books online, there’s no better occult store than Nephilim Press. We strive to provide you with the best little-known books on magic and the arcane at the best prices. Whether you’re on the hunt for a specific book or you’re simply searching for new occult texts, you can find the magic book that suits your interests and needs here.

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Our wide selection includes books that cover crystal gazing, experiments, Sabbatic mysteries, Hermetic magic, spectral seals and so much more. We pride ourselves on providing you with books that are not only unique, but also beautiful. We guarantee that each and every one of our books is printed and bound to perfection, so you can enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy viewing them in your collection. Browse our complete selection today to find your new favorite occult books, or contact us if you have any questions! We’d be happy to help.

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Crystal Gazing Crystal Gazing

Crystal Gazing is a facsimile of an original manuscript by Northcote W. Thomas, a prominent anthropologist, who did a very serious study on crystal gazing and scrying techniques in use all over the world. Thomas is able to present the information in an easy to read manner that takes all of the guesswork out of the processes in use throughout the book. The Nephilim Press edition contains a full transcription of the original text and includes all of the images that are often omitted from later editions. “The Speculum and how to use it, Incantations and Calls, Egyptian Scrying, Experiments, Evidential Cases, and a Comprehensive Bibliography,” are just some of the chapters in this work that make it such a valuable reference. Crystal Gazing is the perfect companion to Gateways Through Stone and Circle as It contains a wealth of information on the process of Scrying and the use of a “SCRYER” as well as the Speculum and ritual hardware. This is a fantastic reference for anyone who is experimenting with Frater Ashen Chassans techniques and its study will greatly aid the practitioner in making serious progress with his experiments.

Our Price: $30.00
SABBATICA The Seas Of Death And The Arcana Of Deathbringer (Lodge Edition) SABBATICA The Seas Of Death And The Arcana Of Deathbringer (Lodge Edition)

The first in a series of grimoires, Sabbatica emerges as an exposition of spectral seals, opening the astral paths of sorcery and magick. A convocation of a series of massive volumes, bound in arcane gnosis in order to evoke the primal path that leads to the sacred knowledge pouring forth from the secret vessels of Sabbatic mysteries.

This anthology offers a unique amalgamation of contributors, each offering their unique knowledge to form a massive volume with more than 200 pages including essays, rituals, arcane poetry and more than 40 suggestive and illustrative pieces that leads the reader down a pathway of instruction in powerful fetish rituals, death devotional chants, and invocations dedicated to death deities, necromancy and other in depth explorations.

The Lodge Edition is limited to 500 copies and bound in midnight blue fiber cloth, with gold marbled endpapers and a gold place marker ribbon.

Our Price: $40.00
Qliphoth Opus III Lodge Edition Qliphoth Opus III Lodge Edition

Limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Qliphoth journal is a grimoire focusing the diverse paths of magick in its entire splendor. Our main focus is to cross the paths of knowledge via praxis ritual and gnosis, working intensely in each one of the volumes offeredvhere. Through this third opus called The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos, the focus is to go back to such primal states of consciousness through the methods of atavistic resurgence awakening the immortal essence of the self, through the development of our own divinity with direct experience with spirits, servitors, guardians, and loas of our own temples. It is there where the sacred nectar's are consumed… where the secret seed incarnates, through the hidden labyrinths and the secret wisdom veiled by the tendrils of Trans human entities… So then, we enter once again The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos.
—Edgar Kerval, 2013

Our Price: $40.00

Strictly limited to 900 numbered copies and filled with over 280 pages of essays and actual photos of authors’ ritual altars, Ritual Offerings unites 12 practicing occultists who share their knowledge and experience with this fascinating and important subject. Traditions from around the world, such as Solomonic magick, Tibetan Buddhism, New Orleans and Hatian Voudou, Western Hermetic Theurgy and more, are discussed in great detail. Whether you prefer to call them religious sacrifices or spiritual offerings, and regardless of your tradition, Ritual Offerings is the perfect ritual book to guide you in feeding your patrons and familiars safely and effectively, contributing to your overall success and growth as a practitioner.

Our Price: $50.00
Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus

Seven Spheres is more than a simple book on traditional Hermetic magic. It is one of the many chaos magick books that describe a series of rituals that function on many levels and turns an average, ordinary magician into a self-actualized powerhouse of proactive reality engineering. It’s entirely about attaining initiation and empowerment in the highest levels of unmanifest reality. These experiences and rites result in the release of a floodgate of power that pours down through the layers of progressive manifestation, building up awareness, understanding raw potential as you move from sphere to sphere through the rites, ultimately culminating in the anointing of the magician as Priest-King.

Our Price: $50.00

While digging through a dozen manuscripts from the court of Alfonso X of Castile and his school of occult and learned translators I happened upon this volume entitled Pactum: The Masterpiece of Ancient Sorcery. The volume intrigued me, as it fit perfectly in with the genre called “Books of Secrets”, that is manuals of working practitioners with practical instructions for magically achieving specific ends. Because the volume deals heavily with natural, sympathetic and low magick, I enlisted the aid of Cat Work, a friend and contemporary who is the days foremost authority in this field, and together we have taken a never before published Manuscript and breathed into it new life; first offering a translation thereof, then a breakdown of how the rites therein can be readily executed, and finally including a comprehensive education in the sort of Magick this text espouses. What results is both a valuable publication of a historical work on Magic and a complete course teaching the reader from A to Z how to practice the arte thereof in the modern era.

Our Price: $50.00
The Brazen Serpent The Brazen Serpent

The Brazen Serpent is an advanced treatise on the Hermetic Qabalah from a unique Thelemic perspective. It is NOT a beginner’s guide. The Brazen Serpent expects the reader to be familiar with the Thelemic paradigm and have working knowledge of the Tree of Life.

The Brazen Serpent aims to fulfill the needs of serious readers who have dozens of books regurgitating the same basic information.

The Brazen Serpent not only goes beyond the basics of Qabalah but adds to the evolving compendium, backed by the collected works of Aleister Crowley.


The Brazen Serpent is organized into four parts:

I. Introduction –

  • Explores the theory of man’s Prime Deviation and notions of The Fall in the context of the Hermetic Qabalah
  • Presents an analysis of consciousness using Qabalistic and Thelemic terms
  • Provides an outline of the Tree of Life using the Caduceus
  • Describes how involution and evolution occurs on the Tree of Life
  • Delves into the psychology of True Will

II. The Spheres –

  • Gives a thorough analysis of the spheres, Kether to Malkuth, in all four worlds
  • Explains how and why attributes are given instead of listing a table of correspondences
  • Provides a context into the Hermetic Qabalah from sources prior to Athanasius Kircher in order to highlight the evolution into Thelemic Qabalah
  • Elucidates the system presented in the A.’.A.’. and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn from an initiated perspective

III. The Paths –

  • Gives a thorough analysis of the paths, Tav to Aleph, with specific characteristics of each for the practitioner to utilize in his work
  • Provides extensive Gematria analysis for each letter using AIQ BKR, AThBASh cypher, and more
  • Explains the function of each path in relation to its attributes and connecting spheres
  • Describes the history of tarot images associated with each path

IV. The Negative Veils & Daath –

  • Sorry, but this one’s a secret.

Our Price: $50.00
Sufurino Sufurino

From the original translator:

To the Faithful Readers

Here I present to you a book of inestimable value, The Complete Treatise of True Magic, written by the German monk Jonas Sufurino. My love for this genre of work always brought me to search in piles of old books, eager to find something that would be little known on the subject. After many years of tiring investigations, my efforts were rewarded. The finding of The Complete Treatise of True Magic filled me with great satisfaction.

I found it between others of the same kind, in a small library of a curate in a small village. It was written in German, a language unintelligible to me. But because of some images throughout the text, and because of some proper names scattered here and there, I deduced that the strange text was about magic. I gave it to an erudite, who carried out his work with great care. When I read the translation, I saw that the small book was in fact inestimable. Composed by the aforementioned German monk, Jonas Sufurino, librarian of the monastery of Brocken, the mountain where, according to old legends, the devils and the witches celebrate their covens and macabre dances, the book turned out to be a rich treasure of the true magic.

Said book contains, in effect, the most essential information that can be found in the genre, like the Book of Saint Cyprian, The Key of Solomon, Invocations, Pact and Exorcisms, The Red Dragon and the Infernal She-Goat, The Black Hen, School of Sortileges, The Grand Grimoire or The Pact of Blood, Magic Candle to find enchantments, Compilation of the Chaldean and Egyptian Magic, Philters, Enchantments, Sorceries and Sortileges.

What was exposed above is enough to make it clear that this is a book of exceptional importance and that, if it is studied with true interest, many useful and profitable things can be learned.

It rests only to recommend that great care be taken in the way and time in which the experiments are done so they can give the desired result: We must not forget that a small detail is often enough to destroy the best-prepared magical operation.

The Translator

Our Price: $50.00